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Breaking News!

We would like to tell you about a new "Accessible Travel" website out there on the World Wide Web now to help you plan your next trip just about to any location. It was stared by Rick Hansen (The Man in Motion Tour, wheelchair marathon distance athlete) and his Foundation.

Accessible Tourism

Over a year and a half ago, the PLANAT website was launched by the Rick Hansen Foundation. It is pretty cool, a place where you can input your own travel stories through Accessibility you found on your journey to any place in the World. Check it out, make comments, and provide feedback to help build this into something great. Although still in developmental stages the only thing you need to watch out for are abbreviations such as for Provinces in Canada and the USA. So try to avoid placing extensions such as BC, ON, CA, etc. into your search engine on the PLANAT website.


We are currently "under construction", please visit PLANAT's website in the left hand column until we come back or have merged to a website that we support.

Thank You.